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WiSC is a leader and trusted partner in the small business community and has worked hard to establish and nurture mutually benefitting relationships with over 100 fellow small businesses by proactively engaging prospective team mates and actively participating in associations and consortiums.

WiSC recognizes the broader and deeper capacity and capability to be gained by marshaling highly complementary expertise and perspectives with fellow small companies and forming teams to pursue customer opportunities and support their mission needs.

WiSC Partners

In October 2012, WiSC established, the “Small Business Development Consortium” whose purpose is to “establish a formal, small business consortium that richly represents the membership’s individual and collective capacity to support multiple Federal Government mission needs.” The Consortium’s goals are to:

  1. Identify and understand fellow small businesses desiring Federal Government contracts
  2. Develop and maintain a small business opportunity common operating picture
  3. Influence and increase Federal Government small business procurements
  4. Achieve Consortium critical mass membership
  5. Share small business best practices

The SBDC has grown from 35 initial members to now over 85 companies. We have developed a full information package of our individual and collective capacities and capabilities to support Federal Government Mission needs, and have initiated multiple activities which directly support our goals. Additionally, we are forging relationships with other business associations and consortiums so as to create an even greater critical mass of small business responsiveness. To learn more, visit the SBDC website at

For further information on the Consortium please contact Antonella O'Brien, Director

WiSC has developed a virtual large company capacity with small company costs and scalable, flexible, responsive surge capability to meet customer needs by ensuring an effective internal infrastructure, building relationships with both large and small companies, and establishing a significant virtual bench of signed contingent hire personnel, and above all, employing highly capable staff. Our management team and all employees are committed to this core corporate objective.