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ISR platforms have given us new advantages over our adversaries. To derive the most value we can from our ISR capabilities that enhances jointness, incorporates multi-intelligence technology that is interoperable and survivable.

WiSC has been a leader in Capability-Based ISR Interoperability, ensuring the right data, gets to the right people, at the right time. 

ISR Interoperability Overview

Capability-Based ISR Interoperability recognizes it's not enough to have connectivity. Nor is it simply moving 1’ and 0’s. It’s about moving the right 1’s and 0’s to fulfill a user’s need/capability.
For example:

  • Tracking
  • Discovery
  • Situational Awareness
  • Precise Geopositioning
  • Change Detection
  • Fusion
  • Required metadata (and quality) is not the same for each action/capability

WiSC ensures the Right Users Gets the Right 1’s and 0’s to Do Their Job!

(e.g. Activity Based Intelligence, Forensic Exploitation, etc.)