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WiSC personnel are recognized ISR Interoperability experts, folks with significant Experience (25+ years average), Knowledge (71% with advanced degrees), and Skills (commensurate tools and methods proficiency). 

WiSC provides our customers the following Core Service Support Areas of Expertise:

Exercise Test & Experiment Design
Event Coordination
Execution & Assessment

Exercise Planning & Execution

Lead and conduct end-to-end exercise planning, coordination, execution, data collection, and reporting for OUSD(I)


ISR Interoperability  

WiSC is uniquely postured to provide customers with ISR expertise from initial concept development to engineering and system deployment.


Cyber Security

Create disruptive technologies based on out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving.  We are a one stop Cyber-shop to meet our customer needs.


GEOINT Standards, Policy & Compliance

WiSC has been at the core of GeoInt standards, policies and compliance for over 15 years. Working between agencies, developers.and the standards commitee to ensure operational continuity.