Enterprise Challenge

WiSC personnel are recognized ISR Interoperability experts, folks with significant Experience (25+ years average), Knowledge (71% with advanced degrees), and Skills (commensurate tools and methods proficiency).

WiSC provides our customers the following Core Service Support Areas of Expertise:

  • Exercise Test & Experiment Design
  • Planning
  • Coordination
  • Execution & Assessment
WiSC provides subject matter experts for the planning, set-up, execution and reporting for Enterprise Challenge (EC) EC is an USD(I) directed, NGA executed, multi-INT Joint/Coalition Distributed Common Ground/Surface Systems (DCGSs) Interoperability ISR demonstration designed for enterprise testing before transitioning to operations. WiSC has been the lead contractor for EC (formerly known as Empire Challenge) since its inception in 2004.

Subject matter expertise includes, but is not limited to the following areas and/or capabilities:

  • Test & Evaluation
  • Data Collection and Analysis Plan
  • Security
  • Ground & Air Operations
  • System Architecture & Integration
  • Technical Liaisons
  • White Cell Support
  • Demonstration Coordinator
  • Network Engineers
  • Logistical Specialist
  • Master Scheduler
  • Cross Domain Expertise