Worldwide   Interoperability Solutions and Capabilities 

Enabling worldwide interoperability of intelligence and security assets.

• Program Management
• ISR Interoperability
• Exercise Planning & Execution
GEOINT Standards
Financial Management
Cyber Systems & Security

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As a veteran owned small business, WiSC is easier to work with than the large bureaucracy of many contractors, while providing the benefits of large scale capabilities through our virtual bench. WiSC is a trusted partner for both larger and smaller government contractors but can act as a Prime for SMB Federal contracts and large commercial ventures.

WiSC  Expertise

WiSC provides the full gamut of expertise in areas affecting interoperability achievement. This includes planning, coordination, execution and assessment of ISR exercies and events. WiSC understands how to collect, manage, secure and disseminate data. This means the right 1s & 0s gets to the right people at the right time providing meaningful results.

Cyber Systems & Security

WiSC's Cyber Team uses a broad palette of technologies and engineering to identify, prevent and remediate at all levels of vulnerabilities. Security is now a top priority for both Government and Commercial Enterprises. WiSC can help you look past the problems of today and to solve tomorrows needs.


WiSC's mission is to provide objective planning, professional analysis and strategic recommendations that demonstrate our enhanced service capabilities, knowledge of interoperable solutions, experience with streamlined processes and commitment to reduced life-cycle costs to our worldwide customers, partners and communities.

WiSC's goal is to enable tactically scalable, capability-based interoperability to achieve transparent information and intelligence exchange in a secure environment.

WiSC's program support includes: planning, set-up, execution, and reporting for major ISR events such as Enterprise Challenge,

WiSC supports the technical requirements and standards for GEOINT, SI/SETA, ACTDs and JCTDs programs for our government customers and NIST standards compliance for our commercial customers.